In the Werkstatt-Berufskolleg Unna all students are welcome: young people with extraordinary life biographies, with and without qualification; older people who want to learn a new profession; persons with and without disabilities from special schools with reorientation needs; refugees and asylum seekers with whom we work the part of the trauma that accompanies them; students without academic qualification who get their first exams, etc. All teachers have, along with their pedagogical training, another type of professional training and come from the private or public sector. Therefore, learning with the hand, heart and head is our motto.

This vocational school bases its teaching methods and content on the realities of its students. It develops training activities in a joint way to the students and use professionally equipped workshops. The classrooms are large and equipped with all necessary facilities. Students actively participate in school committees and the development of school influence and new ideas. It currently serves 650 students, and has 55 teachers and social workers. Its quality management system is based on the needs of disadvantaged students and young people. The school has received the label “School without racism - school with courage” and “fair trade school”. Special education teachers, university professors, social workers, teachers from Turkey, Morocco, Ukraine and France, colleagues with different professions make up the team.

Further European projects since 2017

  1. Pimp my Europe – Back to Nature: “Pimp my Europe” creates a dialogue between youths and politicians, for them to collaborate on the future of Europe.
  2. CREATOR: Experiential Approach to Teaching Entrepreneurship through Workplace Learning.
  3. L.O.W.E.: Evaluation of Work Based Learning outcomes in EQAVET framework
  4. Learning Culture by Cinema: The students from different countries learn how to make short movies together.
  5. Refugees in Need: Students recognize the special problems of young refugees through discussions and exchanges with young people in other countries
  6. Generation Europe is an international network of youth organisations promoting an active European civil society. It motivates the young people involved to take joint political action and creates the conditions for this.
  7. The Mainland of Tolerance – Europe brings together students from 5 European countries to discuss and work together on the theme of tolerance, create interviews and videos.
  8. Water is an important element of the earth. The students develop ideas on how to handle the resource water responsibly.


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