The UE project Youth Empowerment for Social Inclusion (YES-SI) has officially started in 2022 in order to create a face-to-face and online platform where young people can meet with their community’s stakeholders to use their potential and visions for a better future by creating local projects that will address local problems. They will later on connect with other young people from the UE working at their communities to have a broader impact with their projects.

The YES-SI project will also develop training materials and workshops that will easily integrate the concept of YES-SI in youth work organisations. These will enable youth workers to enhance their skills and knowledge towards providing more innovative and effective individual and collective empowerment for young people.

The target groups of this project are:

  • NGOs
  • Trainers and youth workers
  • Youth led organisations
  • Young people keen on involving in their communities
  • Gubernamental organisations looking to create an impact in the community.

Indeed, the activities and methodologies developed will be used by trainers, youth workers and NGOs experts, as well as the young people themselves.