Main objectives:

  • Our company was established in February 2001 as an economic establishment at the "RELEASE" Foundation.
  • In December 2001, it was registered limited company, named European Initiatives Office (BOIE).
  • Due to the development of the company and the expansion of the range of services offered, in March 2018 we decided to change the name of the company to NAVICULA.M Ltd.
  • NAVICULA.M Ltd. is an institution with over then eighteen years of experience of successful implementation of projects co-financed by the EU and the Polish authorities.
  • NAVICULA.M Ltd. has experience in organizing courses/workshops/trainings for unemployed people and other groups at risk of social exclusion.
  • We know, therefore, how to work with disadvantaged groups and how important it is to offer them “tailor-made” training courses addressing their specific needs in the most accurate way.
  • We know also how important it is to combine social, cultural and professional activation.
  • NAVICULA.M Ltd. has also experience of implementation of the self-employment trainings and how to create e-businesses for unemployed and disabled people. We focus on social inclusion and on integration of long-time unemployed and disabled people within the labour market.

Main recipients:

  • unemployed people,
  • people with disabilities,
  • seniors,
  • social welfare recipients,
  • homeless people.

Only 4 % of our clients were persons included to the group of immigrants and national minorities. Taking into account the current socio-political situation in Europe , there is in Poland a need to address more activities for minority groups, including immigrants, refugees, people waiting for asylum.

NAVICULA.M Ltd. has experience in working with national minorities and immigrants, women too. In cooperation with our local partner, the Socio-Cultural Association Ethnos , our counsellors conducted individual vocational counselling for the group of Roma and immigrants from Tunisia and Algeria.

In 2012 we realized Grundtvig Workshops ”ABC of Polish Language – culture from the Odra River to the Bug River” Getting to know Polish culture and basics of Polish language which is used in social contacts

Main activities of the Workshop:

  • Intercultural integration
  • Learning the basics of the Polish language, used in interpersonal contacts
  • ”Going out” with the language from the classroom to the real social situations
  • Introducing workshop participants to the culture and tradition of Poland
  • Braking ethnic stereotypes.

Main activities:

  • Promotion of the idea of Longlife learning and implementation of EU projects.
  • Promotion of the culture, film and music production.
  • Conducting a research on the labor market and social assistance.
  • Implementation of a trainings, courses and workshops for employees of Provincial and District Job Departments, District Family Support Centres and Social Assistance Centres.

NAVICULA.M projects since 2001

  • 1 PHARE project
  • 1 KNOW-HOW Found project
  • 13 EFS projects
  • 8 Grundtvig projects
  • 9 Leonardo da Vinci projects
  • 7 Erasmus+ projects

Chosen European projects

  • "Academy of Home Economic" – Erasmus+
  • "Mathematics for Adults" - Erasmus+
  • "Storytelling" - Erasmus+
  • "ORALPHA" - Erasmus+
  • "Educators of cultural competences for the people aged over 50" - Erasmus+
  • "Disabled & Self-Employed" - Erasmus+
  • "Development of digital skills of the unemployed aged over 50" - Erasmus+
  • "Self-understanding and profession of Personal Assistants and Inclusion by access to Personal Assistants for People with Disabilities - EU Disability Strategy 2010-2020"- LdV Partnerships Project
  • "Implementation of the idea of Flexicurity in the professional practice of employment agents and career counsellors" - LdV Partnerships Project


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